Who we are

Memory is a collective tool. Solidarity is our shield. We have no regrets.

SupportoLegale was born in 2004 to support all the defendants of the G8 trials and to help the legal aid secretariat of the Genoa Legal Forum to manage the huge amount of audio, video, photo and written documents gathered in the building up of the court cases connected to the events of Genoa G8 protests.

SupportoLegale is made up of people from very different backgrounds, but who have gone through the experience of Indymedia Italia together. The group shares the following vision: the rejection of the idea that in Genoa there were “good” and “bad” protesters. This notion dominated the post-Genoa debate, affecting the general public opinion and the outcome of different phases of the trials. “We defend and support all the demonstrators” is our motto. By turning solidarity into political action, we do not leave anyone behind.

Besides the economic support and the technical help to the legal aid secretariat, SupportoLegale created fund-raising concerts and other events, together with publications, in order to keep informing and updating people about what happened during the court hearings.
This was to prevent people’s attention from slipping away from what the Genoa G8 protests meant and what the legal follow-up had been.
In 2007 SupportoLegale called for a big demonstration in Genoa to counteract the outcome of one of the trials: 100 years of imprisonment handed down to 25 fellow comrades. 100,000 people marched behind the banner: WE MAKE HISTORY.

A new phase of the project started in 2012, when 10 people were definitively convicted to a cumulative 100 years sentence for the crime of devastation and looting.
SupportoLegale keeps on working to bring support and solidarity to the people who are convicted: we promote self-financing, fundraising and informative initiatives to remind us that memory and solidarity are the backbones of our strength as communities. We keep supporting the comrades convicted and their immediate families.

To conclude our journey as a collective, 20 years after the G8 in Genoa, SupportoLegale launch the program “Rapsody of a revolt” to tell our history from our point of view; the following projects are part of it: the film documentary “In campo nemico” (translated: In the field of the enemy), a new comics anthology “ No Regret . Genoa 2001 – 2021”, and an essay in the number 54 of the Zapruder magazine, a dedicated Genoa anniversary issue.

“Every revolt, every revolution, every act of subversion comes at a price, but it’s a price that you pay together, as together you fought, lived and discovered the thrilling vertigo of being free. Even if this comes with the awareness to be on what is perceived as “the wrong side of history” by some”