What we do

SupportoLegale works to support those who have been hit by repression, according to their needs and priorities, with everything we will collect together.

When demos and rallies are over, when everyone thinks they are returning to so-called ‘normality’, what is left behind are trials, repression, convictions and for some, prison.

Beyond what this all really means in the lives of those who get caught in the mechanisms of repression, a huge amount of money of neede, which, like the glory, responsibilities and burdens of those days in July 2001 cannot fall solely on the 10 people convicted.

The comrades, friends and families of those who are in prison today or who have been convicted, are trying to support their loved ones , but often it’s not enough. This is why SupportoLegale has been working to gather and redistribute funds that are being collected all over the world.

There’s the money you need in prison, the legal fees (the prosecuting lawyers) and the bureaucratic fees (the proceedings, the fotocopies, the videos design, the transcripts). Finally, there are also the requests for compensation for property damage. A heap of money: an amount with at least five 0s. That we must collect together.

If you want to help us, go to the web page that will allow you to donate money on this site – start now.
If you want to organise a benefit or any other initiative to raise some money, do it and write to us. You don’t need anyone’s permission. We will help you publicise any event and wait for your donation.
If you have any ideas about people who could help us, write to us at:
balance (at) supportolegale.org or at info (at) supportolegale.org

[September 2012]